Weekend wool work

A whole weekend of making great felted items from a variety of British wools with a very friendly group.
That sums up my weekend and here are the photos to show what was created.

Created by Alex using hand dyed Swaledale wool. I like using Swaledale fleece, it’s hardwearing
and takes dye very well as you can see.

Liz worked hard on this cute little pot. It’s Black Welsh Mountainย  with Jacob and Wensleydale curls.

This characterful chicken (Betty, yes we do know it’s the cockerels that have long tail feathers)
is destined to be a doorstop in Cheree’s home. It’s made from Swaledale wool.

Liz tried a different style of bag which wasn’t quite as planned but was a great first attempt at this style.
It’s made entirely in Blue Faced Leicester wool.

Cheree’s Black Welsh Mountain handbag with bright red Blue Faced Leicester interior.
The plan is to decorate it further with crocheted flowers.

This unusual sculpture is from Alex and it’s based on a seed pod acquired on her travels. So sorry
the photo isn’t better but it’s the only one I have. Alex made it using Black Welsh Mountain and plans
to use french knot stitches to give it a textured exterior.

This fun sheep was made by Judith using Swaledale, Cheviot and Blue Faced Leicester wools.
It’s going to getย  legs and an even shaggier coat, I can’t wait to see the photos.

Using the same shape as Cheree, Judith made this lovely bird for a very
special purpose – to keep her eggs in!
I’ve been promised pictures of it finished with more feathers around the tail end.

Over the weekend we had two clear winners on the wool tops front – Swaledale
and Black Welsh Mountain. Both are coarser wools from hill sheep
but it goes to show that they felt very well and can even earn places as favourites.
Go on, give British wools a try, you may surprise yourself.

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