What is it?

I so enjoy workshop days as they always bring  good company and lots of felting. Yesterday we were looking at 3D shapes inspired by natural forms.

First up is this offering from Sylvia which gave us much laughter during the day. It’s a family blog so I can’t say what it reminded Sylvia of but I did think it looked gourd like at at one point. It’s to be a wacky prize in a raffle and the lucky recipient gets to choose how to use it., I think it could be used to store garlic, any other suggestions?

Heidi is returning to felting and this pod/pot although obviously based on a natural form has the feel of a landscape to me. Heidi wasn’t afraid to try a few new things and is intending to make two smaller ones to complete a group.

This is a large pod from Margaret that is just a short step away from being finished. It’s quite an exciting shape in a vibrant colour. Once the ridges are stitched in and there are more tentacles exploding from the opening it’ll look stunning.

Last but not least is this hanging indoor bird feeder from Ang. It’s a lovely solid shape with 25 spikes and 3 openings. Having gazed thoughtfully at her finished item Ang now intends to cut into it in two or three places to reveal an inner green layer. It should look really good.

Well done ladies and do send me a photo please if you make more or make changes. We’d love to see them finished.

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