Aha! and Ta-dah!

Every time I’ve run a flower making workshop recently I’ve searched in vain for a sample of a wired flower that sits on its stem. There’s no way I would have thrown it out, could I have left it somewhere. I found it this morning tucked behind the sideboard. The culprit? cats.

Fortunately it’s so well felted that even the cats playing with it hasn’t damaged it. I also found a necklace, two brooches and a ball of paper. How do you stop these little thieves? They don’t listen to admonishments and I’m not very tidy.

The ta-dah part of this blog is my first skein of spinning, on a proper wheel no less!

Spinners amongst you will have spotted it’s flaws but to me it’s a thing of beauty. Blue Faced Leicester, tiny bit of Jacob, with which I struggled and some carded Shetland.

It would have looked better for it’s photo shoot if I hadn’t wound and unwound the skein many times to touch and admire it before washing it to set the twist. Should have set the twist first, but I just couldn’t leave it alone. Not sure if I’ve been bitten by another bug but would really like to try a double treadle wheel before I go ahead and buy one, so I’ll have to make an effort to get along to a guild meeting sometime soon. Meantime I’ve already started eyeing up books about spinning.

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