Felt for Christmas

It’s been a little busy this week so I have posts backing up in my head. On Wednesday I held my Felt for Christmas workshop where we focused on creating felt with sparkle. Some has sparkly fabrics in it, some has metallic and glittery threads, some has angelina fibres and some had it all!

Lots of this felt is destined to be cut up into decorations for trees, garlands, gift boxes and the popular wreath from last week.We also made cords and covered balls to create hanging decorations but for some inexplicable reason I have no photos of those.

Thursday continued very busy and I made another trip to Sheffield to see Mum. Mum’s been in hospital for over six weeks and has now been in a nursing home for rehab care for two weeks. I thought Mum would would like me to pay a surprise visit. It was me that got the surprise as when I arrived she’d signed a disclaimer minutes before and taken herself off out for a visit to her flat. I searched in vain for an hour covering both possible routes and then gave up and came home again.

It caused havoc at the flats as she wasn’t expected and they thought she’d come home for good. I sorted that misunderstanding then finally discovered why I’d been unable to track her down –
she’d got lost!!

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