I am being busy, honest

It may seem like I’m not being very active but I promise I am. Taking a look in a much ignored basket yesterday, I found some scarves which I’d promised to send off to Scarves 4 Japan. Shame on me that they haven’t already been sent but I have been able to add two more to my total and will be posting off six.

Two are for children, the rest for adults. They ask you to include a handwritten letter / card with each scarf and I managed to find 5 cards which I’d made ages ago, such a pity that I couldn’t find 6 but I don’t want to hold it up any longer so I’ve used a bought card for the final one.

They don’t look very interesting like this but I hope they’ll be enjoyed just the same. AND just to prove there is even more happening here’s a picture of my latest crochet project in progress.

I am also working on a new felt project but I’m not quite ready to reveal that yet, more to come soon I hope

p.s. Put 24th November in your diary, I plan to hold an ‘at home’

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  1. You have been busy – and you still managed to sneak in some visiting and luncheoning time – thank you!! And your orangy stripe wool has already begun to transform into squares for Japan! xx

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