Mixed media workshop

Saturday was just such a lovely workshop, people were chatting away, organising tea runs and generally having a good time, it was inspiring to be around these ladies.

It was very much a play / experimentation day as we combined, rag rugging, weaving, knitting,
crochet and other textures with felt making.

Each piece is so individual. We were speculating on whether anyone would be able to tell who had made each piece from the colours and textures used. I reckon if you knew someone in the room you’d have a good chance but may not know without that prior knowledge. What do you reckon?

We also wondered what our felt said about each of us but perhaps it’d be better not to go there.

Some people pushed themselves on colour, some on technique but every single one is fabulous. the
worst part for me is that I don’t get to keep any of them.


p.s. Thanks for the cake Dawn.

I’m delighted to be able to show you Claire’s finished cushion. It looks brilliant.

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  1. your cushion looks fab claire!

    agree it’s probably best not to go there (what does our felt say about us?!)

    i had such a great time, can’t wait to get the chance to have a play with everything i learned 🙂

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