Recycling 2

I have so enjoyed this project. Fun and quick.
Rather than a round wreath I decided on a heart shaped one to hang on my studio wall.I began by cutting it out on paper to ensure I liked the shape. The cardboard wasn’t very strong so I cut out two shapes and glued them together.

The next job was to glue on some ribbon for a hanging mechanism and then start the fun bit of
sticking on the felt. I used a hot glue gun.

As I moved along I kept changing the way the shapes were attached to change the direction of the folds.

This is just fab, I’m loving it.

Still loving it but decided to add a few more decorations in the shape of felt balls.

I couldn’t stop there either so I applied a small amount of glitter glue to the edges.
Sorry, you can’t see it on the photos

It’s not dry but it’s already hanging on my wall.
Maybe a round one for Christmas next.

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  1. Judith has been kind enough to send this message – Angela, this is where your artistic nature wins out over my prosaic approach to merely cutting it up into squares and reassembling it. It really looks fantastic and what a way to re-use something you weren’t sure about. A much better use of your time than sewing black lines.

    just brill

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