Do you remember this?

I really wasn’t happy with it and several people were kind enough to make suggestions on how I might improve it. Well, it then sat in my cupboard for 7 months. Last week, I mustered sufficient enthusiasm to look at it again and even to put a few stitches in it.

I then asked another friend what she thought and her idea was to chop it up and make it into something else. Now I think she meant something else in which you’d see the design but that doesn’t seem to have been what I’ve done.

This is going to be a project you can do at home with the kids or alone. Felt won’t fray so I began by cutting lots of squares.

And made them into these.

They’re very rough discs. They don’t have to be perfect circles or be the same size, this is why it’s a good one to do with kids. Next, I folded them in half and then in half again and secured with a few stitches.

Now I have lots of these. In my next post I’ll show you what I made with them.

Don’t throw your offcuts away, save them for stuffing small Christmas tree decorations or
put them in the compost.No landfill here thanks.

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