So exciting, my first swapsie. Tracy and I agreed ages ago but it’s taken us quite a long time to finish the pressies. Here;s mine to Tracy.

I know Tracy likes bug hunting so this is inspired by a Rose Chafer Bug. The shine is angelina fibres.

Here’s my pressie from Tracy.

Isn’t it great? A fabulous wool scarf, very, very cosy.

As Tracy doesn’t knit or crochet she came up with this clever idea to knot the wool. I’ve no idea how long it took to do this but I appreciate every minute. There was also some locally made fudge (already eaten|) and some local Perthshire Shetland fleece. Thank you Tracy.

3 Replies to “Swapsies”

  1. How wonderful – both pressies look gorgeous.
    The knotted scarf looks really interesting – wonder how she did that?!

  2. it was really good fun and well worth the wait – i love my journal!

    kate, if i get a chance over christmas, i’ll pop a quick photo tutorial on the blog 🙂

  3. p.s.
    is it ok if i snaffle copies of the pics? my old laptop has died (expensively) on me and i lost most of my photos? ta :)x

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