It must be two years since I made this Christmas heart.

It’s made from old curtain fabric, bits of lace and handmade felt and is embellished with buttons,beads and hand stitching.It was always a disappointment to me as It wouldn’t hang properly on the wall and you can barely see the word noel.

Disheartened, I allowed it to languish in a cupboard. Too much time invested in it to throw it away.
How to rescue it?

After my success with the other felt heart last week I sought it out and took another look.
Simple to fix really with a little effort.

I hadn’t wanted gold on it it but even silver lurex thread didn’t show up the lettering, so gold it is.

I’ve added another layer of curtain fabric at the back and stuffed it with some ‘gifted’ natural kapok.
It now hangs perfectly, usable at last.

Don’t know why, but I’m thinking a furry edge would look nice!

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