A case of the wanties

About a month ago whilst surfing the net for other things I came across a pack of hearts made from birch bark and got a severe case of the wanties. When I visited the garden centre for some bulbs the wanties struck again and I came home with some silver bells.

The cones we picked up on one of our walks. This little hoard has sat around for the last month waiting for my attention and finally, this week, I found the time to play.  I really wanted to make a garland with these items and began by drilling holes in the hearts so admiring the texture of each one whilst i did so.

It took a little longer to complete than expected but every time I look at it it gives me pleasure. I’m not quite sure what it is about it but I so love looking at it on the mantelpiece.

As I write this I glance up see the garland and smile. We’re ready for Christmas and best of all Mum is home for Christmas!.


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  1. ‘wanties’ – that is such a fab word! beautiful garland 🙂 and the best gift of all, to have your mum home in time for christmas – hope it was a lovely time for you all 🙂

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