Christmas greenery

My daughter and I had a couple of friends round yesterday and made a valiant attempt at some greenery for the festive season. The decoration below is residing in my living room and is on a round glass plate. I was so pleased not to have centered the candle. It’s a little heavy but I’m happy to live with it. Very little colour in it you’ll notice – it’s all about the greenery this year.

First attempt at a wrapped sray was last year when it all fell on the floor whenever I attmpted to hang it up. This year I used a spray holder with much greater success. I’m really quite chuffed at how this one has turned out.

We have a couple of candles on the mantelpiece and I sometimes worry about the naked flame near the wallpaper so decided lanterns would be a good idea. I like curvy storm lanterns but most are too large for our narrow space but then I spotted some ridiculously over sized wine glasses in the charity shop. If you ignore the stem the shape is a curvy storm lantern.

My first ever garland. It’s worked very well and it’s all down to the advice from good friend Kate – thanks Kate

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