Frilly scarf workshop

I just can’t believe how busy it seems at the moment and how near Christmas is getting, I really must start shopping. However, here for your delectation are the pictures from Saturday’s frilly and lattice scarf workshop.

These are just the sample pieces we made before starting on a longer scarf. Some are long enough
for neck  warmers, I was hoping mine would make a wrist warmer but it’s too long.

Above, from left to right, is the work of Claire, Sue and Bev.

From left to right you can see the work of Anna-Louise, Jeni and and Ang.

Margaret’s scarf is on the left and the right one belongs to Liz.

Some people also had time to practice the lattice technique. The scarves were so beautiful on Saturday that I wanted to keep them all but no-one was willing to give theirs up. Nor did they want to wear a cold wet scarf for a photo shoot, I can’t imagine why! At least two people pushed themselves to work with unfamiliar colours and were pleased with how the scarf turned out. Claire was a joy to watch as the smile never left her face all day!

Thank you so much ladies for the help in setting up and putting away, I do believe ten minutes to clear up is a record and was very much appreciated. That’s the last workshop for this year, I’ve a few commissions to finish and then I can perhaps put together a new tutorial and work on a project for next March, more of which later.

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