I don’t want to let go

I’ve finally finished the last of my Christmas commissions and can begin to concentrate on all that noise in my head of new things to do.Β  I couldn’t take any photos for the last few days as it’s been so dark, wet and windy but this morning, the wind has dropped slightly and the light has improved somewhat. The river has broken it’s bank and if it continues to rain it’ll flood in more places and the journey home will be circuituous but here are a few pics before the items go.

It’s a while since I made a brooch in this style but it was a special request. The back two layers are Merino and the top layer is hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester.

Just like a firework in bright red Merino with gold, pink and orange silk fibres. Orange seed beads exploding from the centre outwards.

I just LOVE this fabulous ruffled heart shaped wreath. Do I really have to let it go, I do wonder if I could say I didn’t have time to finish it and keep it for myself. But perhaps, it would be better just to make another one.

Perhaps a red or pink one next for Valentines day.

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  1. Su trabajo es muy lindo y su corona de Navidad es preciosa ( work is very cute and your Christmas wreath is beautiful)

  2. Wow, during the year you should make a LOT of those wreaths for next Christmas. The red “berries” are a perfect touch.

    In regard to the weather, did you get any of the high winds I read about, or just rain?

  3. Thank you Susana and Elizabeth, much appreciated. In answer to your question Elizabeth, yes we did, not quite as bas as Scotland but I’m glad they’ve subsided to niormal levels again. πŸ˜‰

  4. I know that feeling. There were one or two hats I made that I just wanted and now I don’t have the energy to make another for a while.

  5. Beautiful things Ang, love the heart, can understand your reluctance to hand it over – just think of it going to a good home xx

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