Tidy up time

Having finished my commissions I reckoned it was time for a tidy up of my work room. Now logical people amongst you, of which I hope there are few, will expect that to mean picking things up and putting them away. Those amongst you with crafting tendencies will know this to be laughable.

I’ve picked things up shuffled them around, re-arranged piles and yes I can say progress is definitely being made, with the exception that nothing has actually been put away yet!  With no workshops to distract me I find this a good time to take a close look at things and decide what to do in the long term rather than just putting them in a cupboard.

There’s been a couple of samples hanging around for months. The first is a piece of felt onto which I stencilled blue hearts in fabric paint and the other was an experiment with a skeleton leaf and a fine layer of Blue Faced Leicester fibres. I really don’t need these to illustrate any points in workshops so decided to make them into cards. First stop my inspiration box.

Obviously this needs tidying up too but it’s where I store my hand made papers, patterns and general inspiration from cards and photos to magazine cuttings. I always enjoy a browse through here and always think I should browse more often if I had the time. I found some lovely blue papers for my little felt hearts.

One has tissue paper pasted onto card and lightly painted, the other has painted card onto which I impressed bubble wrap which made a lovely pattern.

Little bits of scrap felt combined with a little time = a little bit of happiness. I’m pleased with these cards and now they really have been tidied away, going into the card drawer for some of those birthdays coming up in the next two months.


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  1. I don’t know whether to be sorry or happy to say that so far that’s all that;s made it away but I do have more organised piles!

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