A spot of recycling

After the celebrations of new year I knew it would be a late start for my daughter on new years day and so sought to keep myself busy with a little recycling. I began by taking some rusty washers (I really can’t throw such things away), some discarded packaging paper (book delivery- yippee, can’t have enough books) and some slippy shiny yarn that I was tempted to buy eons ago and never got around to using.

The paper was a little creased so I screwed it up and added a few more creases for extra texture. The washers I covered in thread then stitched them onto the paper, sprayed the whole thing with glitter spray, then stuck it onto card. It’s a birthday card for my Mum.

Surfing the net yesterday I came across an idea for making flowers from the cardboard insides of toilet rolls. It just so happened that I came across one of these yesterday and decided to have a go at a simplified version to see if I like the idea.

Start by squishing the roll flat then cut off five slices of any thickness you’d like, but they do need to all be the same width. Punch holes in one end of each piece then thread half a pipe cleaner through, twist to secure and form one end into a loop for hanging. Spread the five pieces out evenly. You can of course do this with any number of cardboard slices.

I’m pleased with this simple idea and will spray this one up white but they’d make a lovely garland in all kinds of colours and a great one to do with kids on rainy days. Think of the fun and mess of painting them! A second pipe cleaner round the outer edge would help larger ones to keep their shape.


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  1. Love the idea of the squished loo-roll bloom – sort of thing that kids would love to make, (files the idea in head…..probably get lost but hey ho!) Your mom’s birthday card looks great fun – nice one – well done on the creative front – we are doing the ‘mega-blitz’ at the moment, before we start any more mess making (something I excel at!)

  2. last of the visitors today then our blitz will begin as we take down some decorations, problem is it always seems to make more mess than it resolves! Good luck with yours

  3. love the loo roll flower! and your mum’s card is fab – bet you knew those rusty washers would come in handy one day 🙂

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