Heart Bunting

I began this set of bunting in August I believe. Although it’s not complicated to make sheets of felt for cutting up I just didn’t find the time to finish – looking back I seem to have had quite a few projects like this last year but at least they get finished eventually. It’s all made from British Blue Faced Leicester wool, the pink was hand dyed by me, do you think it’s bright enough?

The edges are hand stitched in plain running stitch with embroidery thread and each flag  has an appliqued heart. They’re machine stitched to the tape. I didn’t do running stitch along the top and I’m now wondering if I should have – opinions?

There are 12 flags on each set, flags are 12cm wide by 18cm long. I made sufficient felt for five sets but only three are completed as I ran out of tape. And yes, the yellow really is that vivid!!

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  1. this looks lovely – really fun and cheery colours. i like the machine stitching too, it’s a good balance with the hand stitching.

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