Saturday the 14th

It seems like the last couple of months have been filled by two types of weather, wet and windy and very wet and very windy. To be fair there have been moments of clear skies and sunshine but they’ve been so fleeting I’ve barely had time to register them. yesterday was quite different, clear blue skies, sunny, crisp and so still.

We grabbed our opportunity for stroll with our teenager with both hands, even ousting her from bed early so as to be sure not to mis the clear skies. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the peaceful walk around Grimwith reservoir. As we were early we saw few people. There was a hard frost on the ground and we took great pleasure trying to break the ice on the puddles. The sharp cracks rent the still air and were joined by shrieks as C nearly fell over.

Don’t you just love patterns in frost? Friday was a sunny day too but I spent all day inside being creative. More of that tomorrow if I can get a good picture.


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