W.I.P. – not any more!

I’ve so enjoyed blending these colours.

Some of the edges on thn early strips weren’t really very good and when I began to sew the strips together it became a little obvious. This meant you could see the white cushion pad, so I used an old sheet which recently ripped to create a new coloured inner.

The sheet was the better part of twenty years old so it certainly didn’t owe us anything. There’s some green in the wools so it was a happy coincidence.

It’s 20 square inches of happiness πŸ™‚

To combine the strips I began by crocheting them together, it didn’t work for me so I used blanket stitch, that didn’t work and I eventually settled on a simple whip stitch.

Seams inside or seams outside? Seams outside was my decision as it gives extra texture. I chose a bright-ish orange to stitch the strips together just because I’ve a lot of that colour but it has worked well.

We all seem to prefer the first side I showed you with more obvious differences in the width of the strips. I’m so happy when I look at it thatΒ  I’ve started a smaller one to keep it company. There’ll still be left overs.

3 Replies to “W.I.P. – not any more!”

  1. Angela–I LOVE it!! It’s a super job and the colors and pattern are so satisfyingly geometric, without being too rigid. Excellent work, you!! XXO-
    (And the orange stitching…well…you know me…I LOVE it!!)

  2. oh what gorgeous colours πŸ™‚ i love this! and i bet it’s really satisfying to look at your new cushion and think ‘i knew that yarn would come in handy one day …’

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