A late ta-dah and brotherly love

Not drastically late. On saturday I began a bag as I find it the best way to help people learn is to demonstrate, but in a workshop situation I don’t have time to finish it off. I finished it on Sunday (very quick for me) , it was dry on Tuesday ready for me to show. Until that is, I took a good look at it and discovered that not all the soap was out. So another wash and dry later, here it is.

My apologies that these aren’t great photos but the sky is dark with sleet so it took me 4 attempts and over exposing it to get this far.

It’s a black Blue Faced Leicester base with some throwsters silk waste decoration. The flap is covered with Teeswater fleece which I put on it’s raw state and let it do what it wanted, I wanted some loose curls but not the whole lot.

The handle and closure is felted in.Instead of a button I decided to make a catch from wooden beads salvaged from a broken necklace. Contrasting textures make me very happy.

I’m going to finish today with a picture of brotherly love.

It must be love as they’re sharing one of the best seats in the house. Not only can they watch the bird table from there but it’s right above a nice warm radiator. Midi (short for Midnight, the darker cat) and Pan are our two youngest cats.

6 Replies to “A late ta-dah and brotherly love”

  1. I LOVE this bag, Angela…very cunning clasp!!
    …and your ‘boys’ could be siblings of my ‘girls’…they are so close in coloring and appearance.
    (Mine are half-Bengals, are yours, too?)

  2. Wow, handsome chaps – there is something rather beautiful about mackerel tabbies and your late ta da is superb – love the combo of bead and curls ♥

  3. Thank you Heather and Kate – the boys are handsome aren’t thery and of such sweet temperament too, but parentage entirely unknown I’m afraid. I’m glad you love the bag, who knows, there may be more along this line

  4. another great bag, i must say that you are tempting me away from merino to try more british wools! i love the beads on this too. and such a sweet pic of the boys 🙂

  5. It makes me extremely happy to tempt people into trying non Merino fibres – there’s so much to discover.

  6. Hi Angela, enjoying your blog and came across the photo of your feline brothers. They look identical to a pair of sisters that my daughter has (I’m in Sydney, Australia).

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