Alpaca seat pads

Staying with the stash busting theme I decided that I needed more seat pads. Why carry one around when you have sufficient fleece to make more. The Alpaca fleece was gifted to me a little while ago and has sat quietly by waiting for a project to spring to mind. Again, I didn’t pre wash the fleece just dived straight in.

I considered combining the two colours but decided to work them singly and then stitch afterwards for decoration.

The original intention was to complete the spiral in small rounds right to the edge then I changed my mind and moved it out quickly. Too quickly, I’ll have to unpick this, I’ve gone too wide too fast.

This is my favourite, I’m really pleased with how the black has turned out. Do I need more seat pads? NO, but for some inexplicable reason I’m fighting the urge to make more, wish me luck.

4 Replies to “Alpaca seat pads”

  1. Angela– Maybe seat cushions are like the Borg…and ‘resistance is futile’!! 🙂
    I think they’re wonderful!
    Maybe you could sell them at a local football match (those metal bleachers are SO uncomfortable!!).

  2. Thanks Heather, your Borg comment made me laugh. I want to make more so perhaps I should give in gracefully and make one for Kate.

  3. ooh i bet the alpaca is so lovely and soft. your stitching on the black one is really effective.

    hee hee hee, heather i bet that’s the first time that felt seat cushions have ever had a star trek comparison! but it’s very fitting 🙂

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