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Ages ago I thought of adding a hints and tips page but have never gotten around to it. My proposal is that you ask your questions and I’ll use the answers to build a page of useful FAQs or hints and tips. It could be questions about fibres or about techniques or perhaps what went wrong. So, who wants to start the ball rolling?


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  1. What is the best way of keeping the ends of cords dry when making the cord if you want to felt it to a bag?

  2. Thanks for your question Sheila. When I first began making cords I’d wrap the ends in cling film to keep them dry but this doesn’t work if you allow them to hang off the table as all the water drains into them. Now I just hold the end of the cord upwards or hang it out of the mat and always, always do shorter cords before longer ones. Post to follow on this soon.

  3. Elizabeth asked – “What do you use to stiffen felt for vessels? Both starch and glue will yellow, won’t they?” Answer – you’re right both starch and glue can yellow with age. In my experience even pre-felt will hold its shape but I like my felt to be very well felted and so never need to use any stiffening at all. If you flatten the vessels they just bounce straight back to shape.I don’t like how stiffening changes the texture of the felt.

  4. when dyeing raw fleece or roving/tops what are your top tips to avoid accidently felting the wool?

    i never seem to get this one right so always end up dyeing at the ‘already felted’ stage.

  5. Hi Tracy – no sudden temperature changes, handle the fibres as little as possible both during and after dyeing.

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