First workshop of the year

Every time I run a workshop it’s fun and today was no exception. Good company, lots of laughs and some quite fabulous pieces of felt. So far this winter we’ve had very little snow, so why oh why did it have to snow today? Here’s a lovely winter scene from the village hall.

Isn’t it adorable. It’s not quite as out of focus as you think, it had started to snow. But enough of the weather, here’s a few of those bags you were all waiting to see – I did say it was a bag workshop did I?

This lovely bag was made by Jeni and has a pocket on the inside. I changed the workshop slightly today and brought Blue Faced Leicester fibres for people to use in oatmeal and black. It’s a brilliant British fibre and well worth trying for yourself.

In order, we have loveliness from Lindsay, Angela and Elaine. All handles and catches are felted in, the flashes of colour are provided by Merino fibres and Elaine’s bag also has vegetable bags included. A nice bit of recycling.

The top bag is by Cera with an all over spot decoration and internal pocket. The bottom bag is by Pauline and has Merino fibres and Wensleydale curls.

Top bag by Pauline, her first ever piece of felt, pretty good it is too, lovely solid felt. Bottom left is by Karen another first time felter who did a great job, you’d never have guessed it was her first piece. Bottom right is understated gorgeousness by Sue and it has 2 internal pockets. We tried really hard to finish early but what is this, a lone felter?

Yes, I’m sorry to say Lesley was naughty and had to stay behind. No, not really, this is what you call dedication and perseverance when all around you have left.

It was worth the work though wasn’t it and when the Wensleydale curls dry they’ll look even fluffier, what a fab bag. Thank you ladies for a great day and I hope everyone got home okay. Do please send photos when they’re dry and you’ve added buttons.

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  1. Angela – I have just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award - xk

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