Garment making part 2

Had you forgotten about the garment? It’s a large-ish project and |I have been doing some more work on it. So here are a few  photos of progress.

I’ve laid out in Blue Faced Leicester fibres and here you can see I’ve put some net along the edge and some hand dyed Teeswater curls. This will be followed by another two layers of BFL.

The red fibre is the top 2 layers of BFL and as you can see I’ve now also added some black lace. Someone must be able to guess what this is now.

I don’t know about you but this is definitely the longest felt rope I’ve ever made. It’s 7’9″ or 229cm long excluding the curls on the ends. As I’ve said before, this is a large client so everything is larger. Can you guess?


5 Replies to “Garment making part 2”

  1. I reckon it’s a corset!!!

    Love the idea of the seat pad with the Portland. I may have to make one myself…

  2. freyalyn got here before me 🙂 red, black and lace did suggest corset to me but then i wondered if i just had a one track mind … ?! can’t wait to see the finished pics.

  3. I knew once people saw black lace and red fibre that they’d have a one track mind and they’d be right!

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