How flattering!

Good friend Kate (thank you Kate) has awarded me The Versatile Blogger award and according to the rules I have to pass it on to others and share a few random things about myself.


I have to admit I’m not very good at rules but I would like to pass this on to Wool love –  functional fiber art a great felters blog with lots of clear photos on every project that Heather undertakes and to Fiona at TizDuster where there’s always plenty of activity including felting, polymer clay modelling and jewellery making.

As for random things about myself hmmm – I don’t like coconut, I love chocolate, I hate to be too hot and I wish I lived by the sea as I love the sound and smell of the sea and beach combing is so much fun.

I also received an email from Sally, a textile student, who informed me that she’s been inspired by my work!  It’s a brilliant feeling to know that my work has inspired even one person. Sally asked where my inspiration came from and any tips on working with felt. I thought I’d share my answer to her with all of you.

I find inspiration comes from details of textures,colours and patterns in nature e.g. bark of a tree, colours in rock strata and I also love stylised art, especially art nouveau and work from the 1950s. I’ve  discovered that I’m not a big fan of straight lines, I like curls, spirals and waves and just adore colour and texture.

Top tip – try as many wools as you can don’t just stick with Merino. There are some fabulous British wools of which Blue Faced Leicester is my favourite. Have a go at whatever takes your fancy and don’t worry if it doesn’t work out it’s only felt, no-one dies. Keep good records, how much: fibre, soap, rubbing and rolling and what shrinkage. Sounds a bit boring but allows you to understand the wool and how it behaves and allows you to control it ,rather than the other way round.

That’s all folks – I’m off now to see if my head with still fit through the door.

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