Showing off

Where, eludes my memory but somewhere last year I read an article that said we should stop hoarding things in cupboards and either, put them on display or perhaps de-clutter. I liked the idea of displaying some of the things hidden in cupboards and did actually get around to hanging a few more bits of felt on the walls.

One thing which I hoard and which I never have enough uses for is beach glass. The whole family is trained to support my addiction of bringing back bits of glass and we’re inordinately excited if we manage to find some in an unusual colour like red for instance. Some pieces are used and the rest are hidden in margarine cartons under the stairs – what a shame, until now.

I still need yet more jars for the glass but keep trying to find something more unusual in the charity shops. I don’t want all the jars the same. The square glass vase at the back was earmarked for the charity shop (really not keen on the shape) but earned a reprieve as a cone container. Two have shells in, one has green beach glass and the snallest has a small collection of beach pottery (good intentions to include in mosaics – hey! I could include some in a driftwood heart). The clear beach glass will need a considerably larger container 🙂

This colourful assortment of felt balls has been living in my work cupboard and the contents are regularly spilled acros the floor as I drag other items out from the back. The eagle eyed amongst you may have worked out that this is a glass jelly mould. I did try buttons in it but that didn’t work for me.

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  1. Lovely collection, it is a good idea having them out on display. Although my hoarding is so great that it is on permanent display much to my OH’s dismay – think I will try and persuade him that it is an artistic arrangement rather than a jumbled mess…wish me luck!

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