Garment making part 4

Well the finished garment was finally unveiled yesterday at Yarnival. Am I pleased with it? Hmmm, I confess that overall it didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped but I’ve never designed for a tree before and I didn’t even see the tree until the unveiling.

I think a little shorter might have been better. The colour is pleasing and quite eye catching and the detail below is my favourite shot.

For those who’d like to see how it was attached to the tree, here it is from the back.

It’s now dried and packed away whilst I ponder what the next opportunity for it to be used will be. More of Yarnival tomorrow.

4 Replies to “Garment making part 4”

  1. Maybe there’s a bronze statue somewhere you can put it on. I saw a photograph of a knitted sweater on the Rocky statue in Philadelphia that was pretty neat.

  2. Oh she was BEAUTIFUL! I heard such lovely things about our buxom lass up on the hill – you did us and her proud! Thank you so much for joining in with our day! xx

  3. Thanks Elizabeth, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled and thank you Kate, I hadn’t heard any feedback so that’s very good to know.

  4. i love the extra ‘support’, the tree looks very fetching 🙂

    i had wondered from your earlier posts if the intended recipient wasn’t in fact a human lady but 0idn’t like to say anything in case i offended your ‘client’! 🙂

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