We nearly didn’t get to do our walk on Saturday. Friday evening we left the mill a little later and arrived at the post office at 2.30pm to discover that I’d left my purse and handbag at the mill. Back we went and returned to the post office a mere 20 minutes later only to discover that it was shut due to an emergency.

We drove into town to the next post office to discover a complete lack of parking spaces, after circling twice Hubby dropped me off and continued to circle until I finally surfaced. Arriving home at 3.17, just in time to let C into the house, we showered, changed, packed and left for the Lake District  at 3.37 promptly getting stuck in heavy traffic.

Calming down as the we progressed north, we arrived in Keswick 2 hours later on a lovely evening. We stayed at the youth hostel overlooking the river, a great spot, and dined on Mexican fare. Just as we were settling down to some pre-bed reading, C told us she had really bad back ache and couldn’t get comfortable. We didn’t have paracetamols, neither did the hostel or the three closed shops / supermarkets. In desperation we ran to a corner shop we’d remembered on the back streets and tracked down the tablets with a minute to spare before they closed!  It wasn’t looking good for the following morning.

Just for once, we were up and breakfasted early ready to set off by 9am. C still had back ache but we thought we’d give it a try anyway.

You can nearly see the hills through the haze, it was very warm as we climbed a short steep ascent onto the moor.

You can nearly see the other sheep behind this Herdwick, it’s the one that looks like  a rock. Don’t they have the sweetest faces?

We nearly managed to get a photo of the three of us sat on a stile (holding camera at arms length and hoping for the best), but we did manage the walk and had lunch sat outside the cafe at Grange. Once home, C spent the reminder of the day prone, complaining of back ache again but thankfully she seems right enough today.


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  1. Excellent photos – sounds like my sort of day that – lots of hitches and frustration but ending in a wonderful walk x

  2. wow, the odds were really stacked against you getting on this walk! glad you made it, sounds like it was well worth it. lovely family pic 🙂

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