Needle felting workshop

As no-one had used a felting needle previously, we began with a few basic needle skills and the useful exercise of making small brooches using scrap felt, threads, fabrics and yarns.

There were some lovely textures created. Lots of people use Norwegian wool fibres for needle felting as they’re very easy and come in a great range of colours. However, we shouldn’t overlook some of the other wools which also needle felt well. We used white Cheviot, grey Jacob and black Welsh. These don’t come ready dyed but, they make great base colours, are British and inexpensive. Although I had a wide range of dyed Norwegian available everyone, including me, used naturals for the bulk of the figures.

This is mine, very cutesy isn’t it? I thought perhaps it might make a Mothering Sunday present.

Created by Jane, this is just adorable and is leaning on a lichen covered log. We began with a few sausage shaped rolls and once we started on facial features it was amazing what creatures emerged from the wool. That isn’t curly hair by the way, it’s a hat.  No two are alike as you will see.

Isn’t he funky? Nicky’s creation is very appealing with his pink mohican hair and pot belly.

Mich worried what this character said about her imagination / personality. Despite holding the head of another creature I think this looks mischievous rather than evil. What say you?

This rotund little bird is by Jeni and is full of fun and character with added pre-felt and yarns. Hubby was in his office during the workshop and all he heard was silence punctuated by stabbing sounds (needles going into sponges) and sudden gales of laughter as we showed the latest addition to our little characters. I’ll definitely be running this again in the Autumn so keep an eye out for dates.

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