Slippers and chicken combs

I know I always seem to say this but I really do mean it, we had an absolutely fabulous day on Saturday. We were making slippers using Norwegian and English wool plus chicken combs.People worked really hard on these and some were complete beginners at felting. here’s a short selection of what was made.


From top left going clockwise, slippers are by Mich, Cheree, Alison and Liz. It amuses me to look round the room and half the people seem to be missing as they’re bent double trying them on!

As for the chicken combs, well that was Angela from Yorkshire Hurdles keen to incorporate felting into her willow weaving. A good job of it she made too. If you fancy going on a willow course, Angela is a good tutor, did you see my dragonfly

We has a significant birthday in the house too so the day was punctuated by a rendition of Happy Birthday (with yummy cake) followed by an incredible buffet lunch supplied by Angela, Claire and Gill (hope I’ve spelt those right). Thank you so much ladies, a thoroughly enjoyable day.

P.S. A heartfelt thank you for assistance with the great day end,  putting away task

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  1. Hi Angela! I’m from Argentina and I make felt since a couple of years. I wanted to ask you about the beautiful slippers you have made. I ussually put eight or nine layers of wool, but now I see yours and I think they have less layers, is that correct? Thank you!

  2. Hi Daniela, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I would normally use 4 fine layers, I have done slippers with more but they turned out chunkier than I personally liked. As long as they last a reasonable time then I don’t think it matters too much how many you use. Angela

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