Still here!

So sorry I’ve been so quiet this last week but I promise I haven’t been asleep or lazy just a little overstretched. I’ve had meetings with pensions people on behalf of my Mum, which meant another day out of my schedule. I’ve also been very busy preparing for a mad day that I had at Eastburn Junior and Infant School yesterday.

They wanted to produce a wall hanging to send to a school in Pakistan with which they have links. The idea was to create logos based on the theme of friendship. In preparation each child drew or described what friendship means to them. There was some stunning artwork created and some perceptive words used.

The greatest challenge for me was that they wanted to create it in one day involving every child in school. Yes I did say every child, all 7 classes, all 200 children (approx) aged from 4 to 11. This meant an average time with a class of 40 minutes to include, explanations/instructions, the activity and tidy up. Amazingly we managed it and created two hangings, one for Pakistan and one for the school to keep. Guess who forgot to take her camera with her? Fortunately the school has promised to send photos which I’ll share with you as soon as they arrive.

NEXT? – Yarnival of course this coming Saturday. I have the fibres prepared but I now need to arrange my work for sale and gather my demonstrating kit. Oh and of course I will give you another update on the garment making too.  See you soon.

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  1. And I thought I was busy and stressed and stretched and going round in circles and and and and and!! See you Saturday!! Bright and early – we’ll be there 7.30 onwards xxxx

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