Tip – working with pre-felt

Pre-felt is, as it sounds, a piece of felt that hasn’t been fully felted but remains soft and can usually be cut up and put into further felting. Occasionally, if you’ve felted the wool a little too far it can be difficult to get the pre-felt to stick without stitching or needle felting it on. But if your pre-felt looks like this

You can see most of the fibres have already locked down and a skin has been formed.  Using either a hand carder or dog brush just brush the fibres on the back of the pre-felt until they’re all fluffy.

Your pre-felt will then adhere to further felting without the need for stitching. 

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  1. when i went into the pet shop to buy a dog brush – the chap asked me if i had a long or short haired dog! he kind of looked at me funny when i said neither and that i was using it for feltmaking 🙂

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