As promised, a round up of Saturdays fibre event, Yarnival, held in Trawden Lancashire. So much work was put into the event by the organisers and we had a good turn out. I went as two people. Myself

That’s me demonstrating and talking to people about felt making. But I also had a stall for Adelaide Walker.

Without the help of Hubby and daughter there’s no way I would have managed on Saturday so a big thank you to them. They carried boxes, set up, sold fibres, talked to customers, took photos, packed up and carried more boxes and all without complaint. I think they enjoyed it.

In the knit and natter corner was a loaned wedding dress, yes really, it was brilliant and blankets and toys to publicise Kyōyū kyōyū . After lunch I saw three men in this area getting to grips with knitting/crochet. The trees outside were covered with knitting in various guises and my felted corset (see yesterday).

The bike looks brilliant covered in knitting and there was a crocheted hanging basket and plants but most adorable were the Hebridean lambs. Now why weren’t they on sale? I wanted one not that I think the family would have approved, a step too far perhaps. But no detail was overlooked.

Yep, even the toilets had customised signs!


P.S I was asked from where I obtained my silk chiffon. I buy from Whaleys in Bradford.

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  1. Fantastic day Ang, every time I looked across to you – you were busy – nice one 🙂 Might be doing it again….!

  2. You should let a girl recover before you go round saying things like that, but you KNOW I’ll be there!

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