New Autumn Workshops

I now have a full list of workshops for the Autumn which includes a couple of new ones. I hope you’ll like what I’ve planned, here’s the list in brief.

Sat 15th September – felt pictures
Sat 6th October– flowers
Sat 3rd November – nuno wraps
Sat 1st December – nuno handbags – New

Fri 7th September – introduction to needle felting
Thurs 4th October – 3D vases and boxes
Fri 9th November – dyeing wool and silk fibres – New
Thurs 6th December – hand and neck warmers

If the dyeing workshop is successful I will try to turn this into a Saturday workshop for more people.

Don’t forget, it’s the WonderWool Wales show this coming weekend, and it’ll be Woolfest in Cumbria on 22/3 June perhaps I’ll bump into you at one of them!

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