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We spent a week in St.Ives at Easter and sallied forth into the bookshop at the Tate. Big mistake, unless book purchasing is how you like to spend your holiday money. When it comes to patterns I’m a sucker and so had to purchase Print and Pattern 2.

After all, when you have the first one it needs a second to keep it company. I find patterns so inspiring and love to see how other people use colour. If you’ve never taken a look at the website then I urge you to do so now, you won’t be sorry.

The next book I’d considered buying before but hadn’t actually seen a copy just descriptions of it.

As this is a book for inspiration rather than technical descriptions I wasn’t sure about it. Having seen it I decided to buy it. It’s very interesting to see how one artist translates skies into art. They’re based on sunsets, sunrises, storms and moonscapes. With each picture of the finished art is the photo of the sky that inspired it.

When I was studying feltmaking there was a student taking an in depth look at bricks and once you begin to really look at a subject it’s amazing how much there is to see. I would love to find the time to focus on one subject myself but not only is time short, I also have so many ideas of things I want to make jostling for space in my head that I’m not sure I want to restrict myself. Perhaps the notion that I’d be restricting myself is erroneous, perhaps it’d force me to be creative in a new way and give focus to my work. Hmm.

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