Nuno scarf workshop

I was so tired Friday night that I went to bed early and left preparing for the workshop until Saturday morning, imagine my surprise then when the only thing I forgot to take with me was a camera. It has to be said that I struggled more than usual with remembering names on the day, obviously still tired but despite any shortcoming from me the group produced some fabulous felt.

This is always the trickiest part, the choosing of the colours. We began by creating two samples, one on cotton muslin and one on a synthetic fabric. This allowed people to try a few ideas and also to see how different fabrics gave different textures when nuno felted.

Sue’s first sample on synthetic fabric. Lovely colours.

Mich spent ages creating this beautiful sample on cotton muslin and it includes a cut in the fabric.

Claire was trying out the effects of varying amounts of fibre on the fabric. Working in different colours helped to identify where one weight ended and another began.

Janette very bravely tried both rovings and more synthetic fabric onto her synthetic sample. Some of the samples were very beautiful but what they enabled everyone to do was to identify what they liked about each one and which elements they’d like to include in their finished scarf. I find this approach is very helpful, especially if you have new felters in the group.

This is Sue’s scarf with a synthetic fabric strips and lace included. It has Wensleydale curls on the end and you can see the ends have also been shaped into points.

Created by Stephanie and inspired by her drive across from Cheshire. Merino fibres with silk and soya fibre embellishment. Everyone loved it.

Here is Tracy’s scarf laid out ready for felting. You can see that the ends are shaped and also that there’s a line of fibre before the edge of the fabric. As the wool felts it’ll create a slight frill along the edge of the scarf.

Tracy was very game to model it whilst it was still wet and the photo doesn’t do it justice.

Susan created this and you’d never believe it was her first piece of felt would you. I think she did incredibly well, the white circle was inspired and finished the design off well. I also like the cut leaf  on the end.

Janette’s scarf has lace along the ends as well as in the body, boucle yarn along the edges and has a definite romantic feel to it. Just beautiful. Finally, I must thank Janette and Tracy without whom there’d have been no photos to show you. Thanks ladies.


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