Present update

I decided the best way to do the sheep would be to use a print out  and needle felt an outline onto the background.

I cut the paper down and pinned on ready to start. The intention was to needle felt straight through the paper.

Unfortunately this didn’t work as the paper was tougher than expected and wouldn’t break easily enough. The wool was being needle felted onto it. I’d thought repeated needling would tear the paper and mean I woudn’t have to cut the image out.

With the excess paper completely removed I tried again by needling round the edge, this worked much better.

Working round the paper feet proved a little tricky so I decided to leave them until later.

By cutting the image into parts I was able to finish the outline. It needs some work but it’s coming along.

It’s looking quite good now but I won’t fill in the facial details until I’ve completed the next stage which is to fill in the body of the sheep with white BFL fleece. I hope to finish this quickly now as it needs to be framed ready for next Tuesday.

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