Sea Foam

I’ve managed to squeeze in a quick nuno felted scarf this week. It’s hand dyed silk chiffon in turquoise and I decided on a circle theme.

I laid Merino/Silk blend fibres along the edge and along the length of the scarf in collections of circles, some within others.

I wanted to continue off the end of the fabric so that it didn’t finish with a straight edge. Continuing with the circle theme I laid it out then put a second layer of bubble wrap over the top then flipped it over so I could add more circles on the reverse. Once the fibres were through the fabric I heated it all up and began throwing until I achieved this.

It’s very summery. The original idea was to do this in red, white and blue so it’d be ‘Jubilee’ colours without being a flag. This didn’t work for me and I have to say I’m very pleased with the colours used.

My daughter thinks it looks like sea foam especially along the edge. Do you agree? What would you name it?


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  1. love love love love love love love – ps lunch this thursday? Hope wonderwool went wonderfully for you xx

  2. Well you all seem to love the edging, I must repeat it soon and thank you all for such fab comments. Bubbilicious – hmm, I can feel another scarf coming on.

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