So busy!

So busy just now and so sorry that I’m not making as much felt or blogging as much as usual. Ian and Margaret have now retired from the fibre business so Yvonne and I have been very busy at the mill. Next week is our first large show as we take Adelaide Walker to WonderWool Wales, exciting stuff but so much to do!

We’re still searching out new products and have just taken delivery of oatmeal and brown Blue Faced Leicester pencil rovings, lovely stuff it is too. After Yarnival, I brought home a spinning wheel (thanks Kate) and since then have set it up but not managed to do any actual spinning, until tonight. I’ve played for about 15 minutes and after struggling to get it started on the bobbin seem to have done quite well at producing a lumpy bumpy yarn (in BFL of course). I’m not aiming for a specific yarn at this stage, I’m happy with whatever I manage to produce 🙂

I’ve been receiving lots of help along the way too. Pan (youngest boy cat) thought he’d really help things along by stepping on and off the treadle, usually whilst I didn’t want the wheel to move. And Tatty, well, see for yourself

Apparently it’s essential to pre-warm the fibres before spinning – that’s her story and she’s sticking to it!

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  1. Wonderful – I love the way cats like to be involved – in what ever craft you are doing, they seem to know exactly how to help!!
    Don’t forget to share some photos of your spinning x

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