First bobbin

Well here it is folks, the first bobbin full of yarn form my spinning wheel. It;s lumpy, bumpy, under and in some cases over twisted but it’s all mine. This is Blue Faced Leicester wool which I found relatively easy to spin (not that the results bear me out).

I’m now playing with some Masham which is a longer fibre and has taken me a little time to adjust to. Earlier this morning I had visions of spinning my own wool so I could crochet a blanket but I’m realising that I’m a little way away from that yet. Onwards and upwards.

6 Replies to “First bobbin”

  1. Wow – I am impressed ! Beautiful, keep it up and thank you for a lovely afternoon – you charged up my smile batteries most wonderfully!!

  2. exciting – if you fall in love with spinning, it won’t be long before you have enough yarn to crochet a blanket!

  3. becoming addicted to spinning is a real possibility Fiona, so I’ll definitely have to do something to use up all that yarn

  4. Hello again – wow – won’t be long before you’re offering our first workshop – I am impressed – see you soon for rug making – regards Lesley – think elephant!!

  5. Revise comment – a superb first attempt!!!!!!! Tried it on Sunday and failed miserably!! will try again somewhen – regards Lesley

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