Low relief and texture workhop

This workshop was nearly a week ago, how time files. We began the day by producing pieces in white Merino using low relief techniques. The day was a little dark and overcast so the photos aren’t great but the felt is rather good and I’ve chosen the best photos for you.

This piece is by Mich and the centre ridge was created by cutting off a section of the felt at pre-felt stage and stitching it back on.

There’s a lot going on with Lesley’s including some unfelted fleece. After this we focused on texture in the felt by adding, fabrics,yarns, threads, plant fibres, recycled items and cut back techniques.

Various fabrics on here including cotton scrim, polyester, muslin, silk, crystal organza, wired ribbon and recycled nets. Mich did very well with the colours, it’s such a vibrant piece.

Jo added knitting and crochet to her felt and you can see where she’s started cutting back to reveal other coloured layers underneath. There are eight egg shaped low relief areas which Jo will reveal but she wanted to take her time on this so hopefully we’ll see a picture of he finished item later.

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