Masham rug

I’m teaching a felt rug workshop tomorrow and thought it a good idea to make a rug in the size we’ll be using. After sampling English, Cheviot, Jacob and Masham I decided to use the Masham wool this time. The idea for the design came from a doodle of my daughter’s.

Onto fawn Masham I laid brown BFL pencil roving. I tried out some white roving too but decided I preferred the rug just in brown. The image below shows it once I’ve finished the laying out.

I’m so pleased with how this has turned out, it was definitely worth taking the time on the laying out and being so careful during the wet and set stage.

This is now destined for the living room (when it’s dry). I wonder what  people will make tomorrow.


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  1. Thanks Elizabeth. Laying out yje layers did’t take very long at all but I reckon laying out the deisgn took at least two hours and then I had to be very careful during wet and set stage that nothing moved.

  2. Love this project– The incorporation of the doodling pattern makes it so special

  3. Linda – it is special, just like my daughter.
    Fiona – Rug making takes time but is usually worth the effort. I laid it out at 90cm x60cm using 6 layers (2 less than I normally do)

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