Nuno bag – part one

Nuno felting is the technique of combining wool fibres and fabrics through the wet felting process. Most commonly used in clothing it can also be adapted for other uses like bags. I began with one of the fun parts – choosing fabrics.

The chosen fabrics are silk, silk chiffon, crystal organza and cotton muslin.I laid out the printed silk as an internal pocket then covered it with he crystal organza to form an inner lining. After this I added wool fibres and  further strips of fabric, silk fibres and pencil roving.

Less fibres find their way through synthetic fabrics and so you achieve greater texture. The photo above shows the crystal organza lining and the one below shows the silk pocket.

Below shows the outside of the bag with three different fabrics felted in. As soon as I make a handle and catch ‘ll show you more.

I’m running a nuno bag workshop on Saturday 1st December so you can expect to see one or two more samples between now and then.

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