Storage solution

Down at the mill Adelaide Walker sells sample packs of various plant and silk fibres. It takes up quite a lot of room and after cogitating we came up with the idea of new storage. Not wanting to spend money on this it had to be something we had, or could make from what we had. We began by collecting some of these from an obliging supermarket and yes they were free and already empty, that particular pleasure was denied us.

We tried a sample design and then modified it to make these.

We needed a full twelve compartments. I thought the wine box didn’t look  great so covered them with scrap paper and PVA glue.

The white is better than wine box colour but I do think it looked better before this stage. Here’ how the boxes looked on the table, they really did take up a lot of room didn’t they?

The new solution is so much neater and has definitely freed up extra space.


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  1. Well, my husband and I are in the talking/designing phase of building a new house. I’ve been thinking about my studio and how to best store wool where it is visible but not falling off of shelves or stuffed into bins on the floor. There are a zillion metal chicken nest boxes laying around this part of the world, which is farm and ranch country. So your cardboard idea translated into metal may be the most interesting way to store wool. I’ll hang them on the wall, though. Or maybe hang them on a closet door.

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