2013 Diary

I actually have a teaching date agreed for September 2013 plus all the wool shows have announced dates for next year so, I thought it about time that I sourced a diary for next year. Bright and colourful would suit me I thought, unfortunately bright and colourful was not what I found. Black and boring was what I found so I had a hunt through my stash.

What I found in my stash was a piece of nuno felted fabric which I’d tie dyed and left waiting
for a “project”. Makes a nice diary cover doesn’t it?

The front is my favourite, it has light, dark and movement.

The back is definitely colourful.

Of course, I couldn’t resist adding a little stitch, in bright pink! Little pleasures are a wonderful
thing and it does indeed provide me with a little pleasure each time I catch sight
of it in my bag or have need to use it 🙂

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