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Some of you may have heard of Felt United and this year is the 4th anniversary of this international felt event. Good friend Tracy Markey and I decided we should do something to celebrate and so can offer you the opportunity to be involved with a felt exhibition in Perthshire in October.

The dying of the sun – a meditation on fire

To celebrate the fourth annual International Day of Felt, Tracy Markey and Angela Barrow invite you to participate in their exhibition to be held at The Barn Gallery, Perthshire.  The exhibition will run from 5th to 12th October 2012.

There are two opportunities available and you are welcome to submit work for one or both of them.

Main Exhibition:   Artwork can be 2D or 3D and must contain an element of felt.  However, mixed/multi media pieces are encouraged.  Artists can submit up to three pieces for consideration.  Please be as creative as you wish with your interpretation of the theme!

Collaborative piece:   With your help, we are going to create a huge fire inspired piece to form part of the exhibition. We are seeking pieces for inclusion … think flames; smoke; sparks; embers …  these will then be assembled in situ to create one large piece of work.

Your piece(s) can be any size, shape and combination of colours, as long as they are made from felt (other textiles can be included but should not be the main material).

To register your interest, and receive further details, please send me an email by Thursday 28th June 2012. 


Image taken from an original by Morgan Downie


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  1. Thank you for letting me know about this….will you be taking the pieces that are selected up to Perth. or will you want fellers to go and hang their pieces….Also intrigued by Title….The dying of the sun….what inspired this….srunsets, eclipses, the fact that in a few million years time the sun will go out….or something else. As I say I am intrigued. All best wishes Bronwen

  2. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to take pieces up so you’d need to plan on posting items, there’s no need to go up to hang as this will be done for us.

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