Olympic cushion

Have any of you heard of Woolsack? It has a project running to take British wool to the olympics by donating a wool cushion to every athlete that requests one. I’ve considered making one a few times but failed to actually do it – until now.

The whole cushion is made from Blue Faced Leicester wool. Looks real fun laid out. On the reverse I thought I’d write the type of wool and where and when it was given out.

I thought I’d checked all the regulations but it seems I’m not allowed to have the words London 2012 on there. so after obliterating London, here’s the finished item,

I’ve machine stitched the two sides together with a free hand wavy zig zag seam.

This has gone with me to Woolfest, where it’ll be stuffed and stitched up ready to be donated to an athlete. If you fancy getting involved there’s still time and the next big stuffing event is at Fibre East.

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