Fibre East

There’s just something about large white tents in a field that is so appealing but
don’t let appearances deceive you.

The sky really was that grey. This photos was taken on the Saturday morning after a very heavy deluge on the Friday evening and that fairly innocent looking puddle was deeper than you think. Inside the tents was very wet underfoot and quickly turned to mud but the site drains well and was much improved by the Sunday morning.

Our Adelaide Walker stall looked appealing and we had plenty of visitors popping in over the two days, now all I have to do is wash all the mud splattered cloths. It’s the first two day show that I’ve done with my husband and daughter. I’ve no idea where she gets the ideas from but my daughter decided to paint sheep on her nails.

When word got round she even had a couple of customers for her services and here she is painting Freyalyns’  nails. It was limited to two types of sheep, black with white faces and white with black faces.One customer nick named her Baa Lamb Charlotte and delighted in pointing her out to all her friends.

My daughter couldn’t believe it when I identified these as Herdwick sheep but they do look like them don’t you think? We travelled to and from the show in a van so we sat in the front like the three wise monkeys. For a little fun we decided to rename ourselves for the journey, Hubby decided to be Barry, I was Dave and daughter was Dave too. Well, it amused our tiny minds.

On the road again.

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  1. Love the sheep nails. I struggle to paint just one solid colour on my nails 🙂

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