Little stripey book

This is the handmade item that I included in my op swap. I really like reusing and recycling items so I began this by collecting al the little odds and ends of purple, grey and black fibres that were too small or slightly felted to be used in other projects.

After hand carding they made the perfect background.

I used grey, black and plum for the main background then laid on strips of purple fibres to create a striped effect. On top of this I added stripes of single crochet.

To this I added wobbly lines of running stitch using a purple and multi  coloured metallic thread and three recycled buttons.

I love the hint of sparkle from the thread which I’ve also used to blanket stitch the edge. The crochet has felted in well and I like the  little touch of blue that it adds.

I’m not usually a stripe fan but this little book has found a place in my affections. Strange how that happens.


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