More spinning

I’ve had my spinning wheel since the spring but I’ve done very little really until the last three weeks, Each time I have a go I try a new fibres which I know probably isn’t helping me to get going quickly but I really enjoy trying different wools. I know from felt making that they’re different to work with but I’m just getting to know  them when they’re spun up. After spinning they’re a lot less flat surfaced than when felted and catch the light differently.

The white is a single ply Masham. I don’t really think I got enough twist in it but it’ll felt into my other work beautifully. The purple is a 2 play yarn, one ply Mohair, the other ply is Merino. I  enjoyed playing with the colours on this.

This is a 2 ply Mohair / wool mix.It’s very textured and could have done with a little more twist in the ply but actually my daughter and I love this one. It’s the texture and the way the light bounces off it that we find so attractive. What I don’t like about spinning is creating yarn for which I have no given use as I’m not a big knitter/crocheter. Methinks I need a few more samples first but then I’d like to spin yarn to make a throw for our living room. Perhaps I’m being over ambitious.

Ooh, forgot to say that I’ve also finally managed to spin some yarn on a drop spindle. Now that’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say.

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